Get to know your Urban Crush

Get to know your Urban Crush

Clear out your pantry shelves and make way for Urban Crush, the pocket rocket smoothie that is shaking up the Aussie market! 

As the new kids on the block, we are serving up six mouth-watering vegan smoothies.  Made from fresh fruit, veggies and superfoods, gently freeze-dried down into a sachet of pure goodness. Simply pour water into your favourite drink bottle, rip open the sachet, then simply shake, rattle and roll. In less than one minute you’ve nailed your fruity fix. 

Our plant based smoothies consist of 100% real fruit, veggies and superfoods, no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours - this is the healthy snack you have been waiting for! 

Designed for those who live and eat spontaneously, or embrace an on-the-go lifestyle, Urban Crush is sleek in size and quick to prepare, meaning that it’s never been easier to consume quality, fresh ingredients. These must-try smoothies pack a powerful punch, boasting the freshest flavours and that ‘real’ smoothie consistency we all know and love.  

Here at Urban Crush, we’re providing an easy way for Australians to consume fruit and veggies, and a healthier alternative to your standard grab & go snacks. Proving that you can enjoy a delicious smoothie without the bells and whistles or price tag that follows. 

As you follow our journey, you’ll get to know our crew of six relatable characters, each representing their own finger-licking flavour. Introducing Bill’s Strawberry Smash, Emma’s Wild Twist, Gordon’s Green Machine, Marc’s Inca-redible Mango, Josie’s Jungle Beet & Polly’s Berry Buzz. 

Whether you’re running late for work, have a jam-packed day, struggling to get the kids to eat their daily five or heading on a hike, your next crush is bound to be, Urban Crush. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best healthy snack to buy online, click HERE to explore our range. 

Urban Crush is available exclusively online with shipping Australia-wide from June 2020 via