How to get the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables?

How to get the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables?

As a brand that was created around the need for easy to consume healthy snacks, we know  and understand how frantic the lives of parents can be - trust us!  

It’s only natural to put the needs of children before our own, often leaving minimal time to look after ourselves. According to the ABS, only one in twenty (5.4%) Australian adults are meeting the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables - say ‘what?’ 

One of the main reasons for this insufficient fruit and veggie intake is caused by the minimal preparation time available to many of us. Our days are jam-packed with our daily dose of errands, so we get that sometimes you have to live off unhealthy snacks on the run. 

Until now… 

Urban Crush is a brand-new and incredibly convenient way to consume your fruit, veggies & superfoods on the go.  

Easily indulge whenever and wherever you are, all you have to do is add water and shake! The best part? It tastes amazing, like you’re ingesting nothing but real fruit and vegetables. 

Driven to help Aussies get more nutrition in their diets our smoothies can be very easily prepared and consumed - so there’s no more excuses for not eating your daily five!  

Our health conscious smoothies are also fantastic for kids - we know the struggle is real when it comes to eating the “good stuff”. 

New to Urban Crush? Try our Crush Pack (link) which contains one of every mouth-watering flavour and your very own Crush Bottle, so you’re ready to shake, rattle & roll.