Meet The Urban Crush Crew

Meet The Urban Crush Crew

Urban Crush is not your average crew. They love to get out there and grab life by the horns.




Looks can be deceiving. For this big burly lad,
Marc’s known amongst the crew.
For being quite rad. Strength is his power.
With a love of large stuff,
Healthy living contributes to being quite buff.



With his handsome smile and striking style,
Bill always comes out crushing.
He's suave, cool and totally hip.
His friends are always gushing
Full of real fruit here and healthy vegies there,
When it comes to this smoothie, nothing can compare.
His philosophy is simple,
There’s no debate – Keep crushing it baby,
Urban Crush is first rate!



Here, there and everywhere, she’s always on a roll,
Polly’s health and wellness is her number one goal.
Her sense of adventure means.
She’s always on the move,
Healthy eating is her number one groove.
She is always scooting from pillar to post,
Seeking great taste is what she loves most.



Emma’s quirky nature is the absolute biz,
When it comes to healthy crushing, she’s a total whiz.
If it’s true flavour you savour,
This lady won’t fall short.
She’ll find the right crusher For she’s a good sort.
With her curious style And contagious smile,
She’ll make sure Urban Crush Is well worth your while.



Crushing fruit for Josie
Is always good fun,
She hopes that Urban Crush
Will be your number one.



Meet Gordon or ‘Gordy’ as he’s known to his mates,
With this wellness warrior, the crew can always relate.
This dude loves the sound of a well-oiled machine,
And knows that Urban Crush may help keep you kean.
Although Gordy can have What seems a hectic routine,
His philosophy is simple – Keep it lean, clean and green.