Vegan/Plant Based Smoothies


Eating a vegan/plant based diet is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you have been on a Vegan or Plant Based diet for decades or have recently converted after watching The Game Changers on Netflix, there’s no denial that eating animal free products has many benefits for your body, animal welfare and our planet. If you have been looking for convenient snacks with no added preservatives or fillers, you have found it here. Urban Crush Smoothies are made from just freeze-dried fruit and veg for busy lifestyle.  

There's nothing artificial, no added sugar or preservatives in our smoothies.  

Enjoy your smoothie anywhere, mix it with water in a shaker, add it to your overnight oats or make a few colourful icy poles. You can have so much fun and goodness with Urban Crush.

Urban Crush Smoothie benefits

100% Smoothie Goodness

Vegan Friendly

Nothing artificial

Ready in 1 minute



Palm oil

Added sugar


Added Dairy




Urban Crush Smoothies come in six delicious flavours. If you don't have a blender, no worries! Simply choose your favourite flavour, add water in a shaker/bottle then empty the sachet contents into the shaker/bottle, give it a good shake and there you have it, a delicious smoothie ready in less than 1 minute.

Urban Crush Smoothies are packed in convenient sachets and compact enough to fit in your purse. Take a few with you to work or on your trip. Your body will thank you for not going near animal-based snacks.


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Marc's Inca-Redible Mango [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Marc, our strong leader has delivered a perfect balanced smoothie – a crowd favourite Mango sitting alongside the ever-reliable Banana coupled with a hit of Inca Berry. Thanks Marc!  Banana, Mango...

Bill's Strawberry Smash [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Big Bad Bill has surprised us all with Baobab in his Strawberry Smash. An all-natural smoothie that tastes smashing! Baobab is a superfood, so it’s quite a match made in chaos...

Emma's Wild Twist [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Emma created a harmonious pairing of rich berry taste with a delicate sweet aroma. This irresistibly berrylicious smoothie is the perfect morning starter to your day.  Wildberry  Make 15 serves

Polly's Berry Buzz [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Polly’s prepared the perfect pick-me-up smoothie with real Banana, Blackcurrant, and Blueberry. Yum! A much needed buzz for all hours of the day. Just mix with cold water for a berry quick...

Gordon's Kiwi Chaos [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Some people describe Gordon as Bold and Chaotic. Or maybe that’s just his smoothie combining Kiwi Fruit, Broccoli and Ginger – who would have thought this could taste so good and...

Josie's Jungle Beet [15 x 25g Sachet Pack]

Josie is our superfood queen. Her unbeetable blend is a super-smoothie with Pineapple, Beetroot and Ginger. A convenient smoothie loaded with delicious fruit and veg.  Pineapple, Beetroot & Ginger   Make 15...